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Deal Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the ReadytoAssign, JV Deal Submission page where you can submit your deals and we’ll help you get the property sold for top dollar!

JV Submission Guidelines

In order to get the property sold as quickly as possible we ask that you fill out the deal submission form with as much information as possible. Please be sure to include Pictures to a photo sharing website such as Google or DropBox as well as a copy of the signed purchase agreement between you and the seller.

Things to consider before deal submission:

  • Your deal must be in contract for 65% of the Zillow Price or below! If your deal is over 65% please DO NOT SUBMIT.
  • Make sure to also include ALL seller information such as phone number, email, & any thing you think we should know.
  • Profits will be split 70/30 on all deals you submit.

  • Please include dropbox or Google link with pictures of property.

  • Please DO NOT submit Rural Areas. 

ReadToAssign will need 7 days in order to market the property & find a buyer.